Emma gorge

Today we decided to take the drive back out to Emma gorge. We’d been told that although it was a dirt road for about 20km it was still pretty easily done in a normal 2wd car. It took us an hour to get there and we were told we were supposed to buy a permit to go to Emma gorge but we were short on money so we thought we’d risk not getting one and hid our car at the back of the car park. We chucked on our new sun hats we’d bought at Broome courthouse market and a few bottles of water in a bag and headed off. It was a 3.6 km walk to the gorge and for the most part involved a lot of zigzagging across stepping stones in a stream and climbing over big boulders. When we got closer we could hear the sound of the waterfall. We were really hot by this point and desperate for a nice cooling swim. As we climbed over some more boulders we caught sight of the gorge fully, it looked amazing! There was a 60metre high waterfall crashing into a large (crocodile-free) water hole. We stripped our clothes off quick and waded over the rocks to get into the deeper bit of water. Emma slipped over a big boulder and was straight in, head under water. It was freezing! So cold that our bodies almost went into shock! Once we’d gotten over the initial chill we swam out to the waterfall so we could stick our heads under. It was so exhilarating! As we were swimming about we noticed a couple of people climbing down from a little nook in the rock face. We swam over and managed to scramble up to a ledge about 2 metres above the water. When we got into the little ledge we could see there was a stream of water coming out of the rock face and forming a mini-waterfall. We sat on the ledge for a while where the water flowing through was so warm, like bath warm. Emma’s feet had actually turned a bluey colour from the coldness off the big pool so we sat up there for about 20 minutes watching other people’s shock as they first climbed into the icy gorge. After we’d warmed up a bit we then had to slip back into the big pool to swim back over to the edge of the water. We stayed here for a couple of hour playing about and slimming over to explore the edges of the pool. Once we’d had enough we got ourselves prepared for our trek back, only this time we knew that there’d be a sweltering car to climb into when we finished the walk and not a beautiful pool. We arrived back at camp at around 2.30 and we were both starving so we made some beans and sausages on toast. After this we went and sat by the pool for a few hours reading. Neither of us were hungry in the evening so we went to bed early. At about 1am we both work to the sound of barking and growling very close by our tent. No dogs are allowed in the camp site so we were a bit confused but this dog sounded angry, we didn’t want to get out and have a look. We both laid there for around 20 minutes, really still, then it wandered right past our tent, we could see it’s silhouette. After seeing that it was definitely a dog Emma drifted back to sleep but Joe’s stayed up listening for longer ready to save Emma if the need arose.

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