Into the NT

We woke at 5.30 and packed up the tent then went over and made some toast and cereal for breakfast before starting the 9½ hour journey to Darwin. On way out filled up the car with gas and petrol and began our drive. When we passed over the border from Western Australia to the Northern Territory the speed limit changed from 110kmph to 130. Emma drove first and managed to go straight through to Katherine, 5 hours away before stopping for some petrol. Joe drove for an hour and half but got scared when we swerved and nearly crashed on a really bad surfaced bit of road so Emma took over again and drove the rest. We arrived in Darwin at what we thought was 4.30 but the clocks 1 ½ hours ahead so it was actually 6. We called Spence and he came and met us in McDonalds. He then took us for a quick drink at the Tap bar before we went back to their hostel. There was no beds available so we had sat in the hostel garden having a couple of beers and then went and slept in the car. The front two seats go almost all the way back so it wasn’t as uncomfortable as it could’ve been.

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