Super Magic Men

Today Emma’s granddad sent her some money for her birthday so we went into Casuarina to get some more new shoes. First we went into K-Mart and found a plain black pair of plimsolls for $12 then we went to Big W to get some insolls. It stank in Big W of cheesy feet so we got in and out of there really quick. By the time we looked around a few more shops and popped into McDonalds to use the internet it was time for Emma to get ready for work. She chucked on her “shags” T-shirt and Joe dropped her to work. It wasn’t too busy tonight but Emma still managed to take home $40 in tips. Joe picked her up at 3 and we went back to the hostel and had a couple of beers. One thing that you find when you’re in a hostel like Harriet’s Backpackers is that no matter what time you are awake there are always other people awake too so there’s always someone to talk to. This is nice until you’re trying to sleep at 5am and the irish lads start blurting out their chants ‘We are super-magic men, we stay up till 5am’ at the tops of their lungs which wakes you up. Then you’ve got to try and get back to sleep with that catchy chant in your head!

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