Darwin Cup Day

Joe went to the library first thing in the morning to print out some CV’s. We then went to the visitors centre and got a list of job agencies in Darwin. We spent a while driving round to all the places but none of them seemed to have any short-term work. Emma started work at 6 and she knew it was going to be a chaotic night. Today is a bank holiday in the Northern Territory for the Darwin Cup, a big horse racing event quite similar to the Derby back home. The town was packed with people all in town for Cup day and so whilst Joe went out to the bars and restaurants down Mitchell street (the party street) Emma grabbed a couple of hours sleep before waking and getting ready for work. It was a massively chaotic night, food service finishes at 9.30 but by around 8.30 we were battling through hundreds of people trying to get food to the tables. It was crazy! Emma was working until 3am doing drinks service in the outside area (just taking peoples money, making the drinks and bringing them back to the table). This sounds easier than it is, when you’re carrying a tray full of drinks through a tightly packer bar full of drunks it’s almost like mission impossible. The place was so packed there was even a queue to get in with a one out one in policy as the place was at full capacity. When she did finally finish work we had our normal ‘staffies’ and everyone can have a knockoff drink, anything on tap. Tonight though the management opened up the whole bar to any drink including all spirits and we were all allowed a couple. Emma walked back with Rudi and Claire who also stay at Harriet’s and we all had a beer back at the hostel.

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