Emma’s Birthday

Today is Emma’s birthday and Joe woke her with a cooked breakfast and flowers, really sweet (even though he did have to buy them out of Emma’s tips money!). We planned on going down to the wave pool for the afternoon but just as we were getting ready to go Joe got a phone call about a job interview for that afternoon so we decided to go to the wave pool on Sunday instead. At 3 we took a stroll through town and Joe went to his interview whilst Emma still frantically tried to find something nice to wear for tonight. When she went to the cash point though she panicked, the money that her mum was sending for us to go out to dinner hadn’t come through and it was starting to look as though the whole day would be a wash-out! Joe’s interview went well he thought but the job is in Sky TV sales and there is no basic pay, only commission which didn’t sound good. We took a quick drive to McDonalds so Emma could check her bank account, thank God the money had been sent through to Emma’s other account so we could still go out for the night. We got back to the hostel at about 6 and started getting ready to go out to dinner. Emma was still feeling sad as it didn’t feel like her birthday, she didn’t feel as special as her family always tend to make her feel even though Joe tried really hard. It didn’t help that now she had nothing decent to wear to dinner. She chucked on some jeans and a black vest, this would have to do. Joe told Emma that we were going to an all you can eat seafood restaurant on the jetty. We drove there but had to park miles away as the place was so busy. We managed to get a table outside and Joe made his first trip up to get some food whilst Emma waited for the drinks. When we were eating Joe said that he’d picked up a crab claw but wasn’t sure how he was supposed to get into eat it. Emma said she’d avoided them for that reason but Joe wasn’t giving up on food! He preceded to try and pry the claw open, flicking pasta across the restaurant and sending the claw flying. Nobody around us seemed to notice but it was so funny! We didn’t leave the restaurant until 10.30 after we’d both had two desserts and Emma had polished off a bottle of wine.
We got back to the hostel and Jenny, Patrick and Felix were up for coming down to Shenannigans for a couple of drinks. As it was Emma’s birthday all the drinks we got were free, everyone behind the bar was giving her free drinks all night, she even managed to get a few Jaeger-bombs for nothing! By kicking out time Emma was very drunk and laid on the bed in the hostel, struggling to sit up! After the effects wore off slightly we went outside, there was still loads of people up and Jez gave us a couple of beers. We’ve got no idea what time we actually made it to bed, except that the sun wasn’t quite up yet!

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