Today we relaxed in our room watching films for the day, we were really enjoying having our own room and loads of private space so we thought we’d make the most of it as we have to move into a dorm room tomorrow. At 5 Emma had a shower and started to get ready for work at 6. Joe had made plans to meet Spencer in the evening for a bit of fishing, he dropped Emma at work and then headed off. The restaurant was really busy tonight and disaster struck when somebody knocked all the cutlery onto the floor! Emma was madly polishing cutlery when one of the big bosses asks her to stop doing that and stack glasses (which isn’t even part of her job), she asked one of the other girls to do the glasses so that the people sitting at the tables with food but no cutlery could actually eat. A second later the boss, Ron came back over and was screaming in Emma’s face ‘I asked you to do the fucking glasses!’ Emma responded with ‘there’s no cutlery outside, people cannot eat’ at that the boss came in inches of Emma’s face yelling ‘I am the fucking boss, I tell you what to do and you do it!’. Emma was fuming, left the cutlery and done the glasses before heading to the loo to calm down. She was really not happy about working till close now and was very happy when Ron got a bit of karma. A tour bus was due in but when Emma went to tell the kitchen they’d arrived they didn’t know anything about the bus and didn’t have enough food for them. This meant that Ron had to tell the bus and pretty much turn away 40 people! Emma made it to close and wandered home with Claire and Rudi who are also staying at our hostel. Joe didn’t have any luck fishing although as usual said ‘there was definitely something big down there!’. We had a quick beer to help Emma wind down and then went to bed.

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