The long shift

Emma had work at midday today but didn’t wake until 11 so got straight up and went to work. The only decent boss in the place, John a Geordie asked Emma if she could cover the close shift tonight, Emma thinking of the money agreed and John gave her a few drinks vouchers as an extra thanks. Emma finished work at 3 and then had to start again at 6 so Joe picked her up and we made cheese rolls. We have to move rooms today but we wanted to leave it as late as possible to move. We spent a couple of hours watching TV, there was an Aussie Rules game on so Joe was into that. Emma went back to work for 6 and worked until close which was really quite uneventful. When she got home Joe was still up drinking beer so Emma had a couple too before finally getting to bed at around 5. We were in our knew room now as Joe had moved us but unfortunately we were stuck with two top bunks that had no edges! Emma woke in the night to see Joe half hanging off the bed!

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