The Wave Pool

Today Emma doesn’t have to work so we decided to re-celebrate the day bit of Emma’s birthday with a trip to the wave pool at the lagoon. We had to pay $10 to get in for the afternoon but it was really good fun. They provide inflatable rings (like the ones you get on the lazy river) so we bobbed up and down for hours until around 6 when the place was closing. When we got back we remembered that the Mindil beach market was on tonight. One of the people in our room, a Norwegian girl called Steena wanted to go to so we took a short drive. The market is full of brightly coloured scarfs and lovely hand-made jewellery which was still out of our price range. Joe also saw some really nice didgeridoos but he’ll need $100 for a decent one so we’ll have to wait a bit. We grabbed a couple of hotdogs for dinner and went to watch a lady doing fire poi. There was a store there that sold the poi and Joe, once again really wanted some but Emma told him he’d have to wait! We then went to watch the famous MD, a guy that plays four didgeridoos at the same time in drum and bass style. He was amazing! We left the markets at 9 and went back to the hostel. Once again we ended up having a few beers and climbing (literally) into bed at the wee hours.

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