All nighter

Today we didn’t do anything really, just sat around watching TV until 6 when Emma went to work. We were planning on going out tonight, Emma with the girls from work and Joe with some people from the hostel. Emma finished work at 2.40 and downed her free knock-off pint of Bulmers before the girls and her made a mad dash to Discoveries nightclub TOT (Tits Out Tuesday) night. They shut the doors at 3 so we just made it in and went to find the other girls from work. When we found them everyone was totally sloshed already, Joe wasn’t too far off it to. The music was a bit of a mixture, some techno and dance so it was alright to move to. We had a few more Corona’s before being herded out the door like sheep at 4am. On route home we met some other people from our hostel and we were all still up for a party. Some of the irish had goon (a lethal fake wine drink!) and we still had beer so we continued the party on the balcony before finally sloping off at 9am just before the manager came to kick half the people out (admittedly they weren’t even staying at Harriet’s!).

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