Worse state you can get yourself in when drunk…

Joe got a telephone call from the Cullen bay seafood restaurant asking him to come in on Monday for a trial. This was good news but did mean that we had to go back to Casuarina and buy Joe some trousers from K-Mart, much cheaper than Target. We started off with a small waste and 3 pairs of trousers later we managed to find some that fit nicely. Emma went off to work another close shift and Joe sat around with the Irish lads playing Poker. When Emma got home Joe had managed to acquire some beers so we stayed up on the balcony for a while chatting to a few people. At about 4 we decided to head off to bed, our beers were all gone and we weren’t brave enough to touch the goon yet. Soon after we’d got into bed we heard Rory, our Irish roommate come in. Joe was still wide awake and watched Rory for a few minutes wandering around the room in circles. Emma only woke when she heard the sound of running water, then Joe shouting ‘what the fuck you doing mate!’ as Rory decided to take a wee in the corner of the room, right by Joe’s bed! As the lights went on Rory stood there, willy in hand saying ‘It wasn’t me!’. For fear that he was going to tread in it and wander around the room Emma ordered Rory to bed and then began the crappy job of cleaning up wee at 5.30 in the morning! It was quite hard to get back to sleep after this, scared that Rory was going to do it again.

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