We hate Shenannigans

Most of today was spent sleeping after last nights fiasco. By the time Emma had to leave for work at 5 Rory had still not woken up. Emma was supposed to be finishing work at 10.30 tonight and Joe and some others were going to meet her after work. At 9.30 one of Emma’s bosses, Nathan told her she has to work till close. Emma said she couldn’t do it as she had friends meeting her after work. This is when Ditcher, another manager piped up with ‘oh, it doesn’t matter, we have two new people starting next week’ as in “we can sack her in a couple of days!”. Emma was quite annoyed but decided to make a compromise by offering to work until midnight, still giving her enough time to meet up with Joe and co for a drink. When saying this to Nathan he turned around and said ‘piss off now, go and fucking sign out!’. Emma was fuming but rather than do anything rash she went and signed out and left for the evening. Now in no happy mood to go out she went home to bed.

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