Emma quits…but not before getting a free pint!

Today Emma woke up crying, her bosses had made her feel so depressed and completely dreading going back there. After crying half the day she decided that there was no way she could go back in there and work for these power-crazy, sexist idiots. Her mind was made up to quit. Joe looked after Emma all day bringing her coffee and tissues and watching movies in bed. At about 8 Emma had worked herself up enough to go and tell Nathan face to face that she wasn’t coming back. But first she remembered she still had two free drinks vouchers and was afraid they might not accept them after she’d quit so we had a pint of Bulmers each first. As we were leaving Emma found Nathan outside who seemed all nice and smiley, she was quick to wipe the smile off his face! She told him she wasn’t coming back to work and he said ‘what..ever?’ Emma said yes and Nathan sarcastically returned with ‘Well, thanks for the notice’ Emma just said ‘oh that’s okay’ in her cheeriest voice and wandered out. It gave her great satisfaction just to see that she had messed them up a tiny bit.

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