Fun & Games at The Vic

Tonight Joe had to go to work at 6 but he shouldn’t have to work till too late. Emma decided to go and meet Stacey and Spencer at the Vic for Stacey‘s birthday. We got there to play the quiz at 9 and were pumped up and ready to win. The cheapest jug was only $9 so we started early. The quiz is your general trivia stuff but in between each round is a bonus round which is the fun bit. The first one of our Saharan Kayaking Club team to go up was Felix, our German friend. He had to play the vacadoo which is basically playing a Hoover like a didgeridoo. He was pretty good but there were better so we only managed to scrape 1 point here. The next bonus round was funny too, you don’t find out the challenge until the person is already on stage which was bad news for Spencer. He had the cardboard box challenge. This is where you start off with a big box and you have to pick it up with your mouth, only your feet touching the floor. He made it through the first round but then they half the size of the box. Spencer didn’t make it and didn’t win us any points. The box was chopped down until it was only an inch off the floor, only a couple of people made it. The third bonus challenge was Emma’s and Joe had just turned up at this point. She had the ‘Go fetch’ challenge. This is where the DJ asks you to get something and you have to run and collect it, last back to the stage is out. Emma was good at this and at one point even had to whip her bra off! When the DJ asked if it was hers (if it was it’s cheating and she’d be out) she responded with ‘God no, I never wear a bra!’. Emma ended in third place, failing of all things on a straw! Needless to say we didn’t win the quiz. We continued on drinking until we’d all run out of money, we even pooled all our change to get a last jug! We staggered home and to bed.

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