Selling Bentley and catching a plane

Even down to the last few days in Darwin we were struggling to sell our car for a decent price. We planned on leaving on the 6th November but by the 3rd we still hadn’t sold the car. Then at around 4pm on the 3rd we got a phone call from someone who had seen the car the day before and now wanted to buy it. We quickly got ready (as we were very hung-over after a big party the night before) and went to meet them at the car. They straight away offered $3500 for the car and we accepted straight away. We completed all the paperwork and took the money. We were so excited that we could finally leave we headed straight for the bank and then the internet café to book our flights. We decided to book the flight from Darwin to the Brisbane for the evening of the 4th. We done all this and then went back to collect Chris’s car from where we’d parked it at Woolworths. As we were walking towards the car we noticed Bentley parked beside it! When we walked closer we could see that the people we sold it to were having to hold up the broken boot so they could put their shopping in. We quickly hid behind a white van until they left (feeling a bit guilty). When we got back to the hostel we had a look at our flight details and to our horror we’d accidentally booked the flights for 1.20am the next day…THAT NIGHT!!!! We then had a crazy few hours trying to cram 6 months worth of stuff into a couple of backpacks and a suitcase that was given to us by the landlady Natalie. This took a while as we had collected a fair bit of stuff over the past four months but we managed to fit it all in our cases even if they were all stuffed to the brim (including the spare one we were given). Once we were packed we gave Chris a call and he came over and picked us up as he had found an apartment to share with five oriental girls and we were going to go over there with Paul and have one last meal. When he arrived we threw all of our stuff in the back and took the short drive over to Chris’s new place. We got there and Joe started cooking straight away as we only had a couple of hours before we had to leave to catch our flight. We were cooking chicken fajitas, Paul helped Joe with the chopping and then when this was done Emma helped Joe to cook as we were feeding a lot of people we ended up having to use two frying pans. We sat down to eat and everyone commented on how this was ‘the last supper’.
Once we had all finished we sat outside and looked at the view from Chris’s house as you could see the whole of the CBD (Central Business District) of Darwin. While we were out here Chris’s landlord turned up with Mia one of the girls that we worked with at Seafood on Cullen who was also staying at the house. The landlord was an Australian and a bit weird and we were thankful when the time came to leave to go to the airport.

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