A day by the pool

When we woke today we were a lot more ‘with-it’ and so we went down to the pool to catch some sun. Emma and her granddad Bob tried for a while to get the sauna heated up but it wasn’t getting hot enough. Then Bob, Joe and Emma decided to have a go on some of the gym equipment. Joe had been saying for a while that he was going to go to the gym but now that there’s one in the apartment block he had no excuse. Bob and Emma left him at it and went for a dip in the hot tub. Soon Rob came in and after a while Joe did too. At around 2 we all went back up to the apartment and had some lunch. We planned on going out to dinner altogether so Emma put on one of the dresses her mum had sent out for her and everyone had to smarten up then! We just took a short walk down the road to Outback Jacks and sat down for dinner. After ordering drinks and our food, Joe had steak, Emma had spicy chicken and the others ordered burgers. Nan was getting a plain burger and granddad, Rob and Karl were getting it as it came but the waiter messed up and out came 3 plain burgers. Straight away we sent two back and said that Rob was also missing a burger. Turned out that the waiter had messed up and only wrote down 5 meals instead of 6. Eventually the burger came out and after telling the manager about the mess-up we managed to get Robs meal for free. Soon after we went back to the apartment and all had a couple of drinks before heading off to bed.

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