Nan and the pokies

Today we woke early and spent most of the day chilling out in the apartment. Just enjoying somewhere clean and calm with such amazing views. The apartment is on the 10th floor of a beachfront hotel and looks out across the bay to Burleigh Heights and then Surfers Paradise in the distance. It was pretty chilly today, around 24c (well chilly for us after coming from 37c and ultra humid in Darwin) and we spent the day wandering around in hoodies and jeans! Even though Emma’s family were still in shorts and singlets. Granddad, Nan, Rob and Karl decided to go and have a look around the shopping centres at Tweed Heads. When they got back we were surprised that they weren’t loaded down with bags, especially Karl and Nan who love shopping. When they got back Emma decided she needed to go to shopping to get some smart black shoes so that she can wear the dresses her mum sent over. First we went to Tweed Centro and had a look in Target but they had a rubbish shoe section so we soon ended up at the bigger cenre across town. She soon found some shoes in K-Mart for $29 so we grabbed these and headed back to the apartment. Joe found it very strange driving the little higher car (very different to Bentley) and joked that it was like driving a roller-skate. We crossed back over the border into Queensland and gained an extra hour to get ready. New South Wales is on daylight saving and Queensland isn’t so just by stepping over a line (as we’re staying on the border) you gain or lose an hour. When we got back we quickly showered and dressed up smart as we were going to a place called Twin Towns to meet Karl’s family for dinner.
We met Freda, Allen, Betty and Charles in the entrance lobby and went through to find a big table in the restaurant. The food was not great but Nan loves it at Twin Towns because of the pokies (fruit-machine). As soon as we’d all finish granddad got some coins for nanny and off she went. She wasn’t very impressed by the fact that they’d changed them all so that they no longer give out coins when you win but you can print a ticket and go and claim it at the cashiers desk. We finally pulled her away after saying that we’d all run out of money (we lied but she was quite pleased when she got home and still had $12 winnings!). When we got back we had a nightcap and headed to bed.

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