Sunday Roast

This morning we woke up quite late, we were enjoying a double bed, our own private space and the feeling that we didn’t need to do anything. When we did get up Emma’s family were just heading down to the pool. This was handy for us so that we could cook without everyone around. Joe went out to the shops to grab some peas and sweet potato whilst Emma prepared the pork. It was lovely when Joe returned with some beautiful flowers for Emma and they made the perfect centrepiece! We soon got on with all the cooking, we had plenty to do with roast potato’s, sweet potato’s, carrots, broccoli, peas, Swede and the meat. Everyone was impressed when we sat down to eat at about 2.30. We even had enough meat to save for another meal. After dinner everyone went and had a nap except for Emma and Karl who sat having a drink on the balcony. In the evening after everyone emerged we just had a TV night really and sat watching awful Aussie TV (with adverts every 10 minutes and loads of CSI style American programmes you start to miss British TV).

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