Joe’s aussie-burger

Joe kept fidgeting all night which made for a very bad nights sleep so we didn’t even bother getting out of bed until 1. When we did everyone was out, Rob and Karl had gone to see Betty and Charles and Nan and Granddad had gone for a wander to the shops around town so we stayed in the apartment for most of the day. When we did venture out we walked over to Target as Joe really needed some t-shirts and we’d seen an advert on TV that Target were doing a sale. Joe managed to pick up 4 t-shirts for $40 which means that he can finally get rid of the ones with holes and stains. Emma also managed to find her Nan some shorts very similar to her own ones which nanny liked. We also stopped in a sunglasses shop on the way back so that Emma could buy some sunglasses (must’ve lost hers in Darwin). When we got back Nan was chuffed with her shorts and put them on straight away, they fitted perfectly. Rob and Karl got back and suggested everyone needed to have an aussie-burger from Hungry Jacks for dinner. Joe finally got an aussie-burger and loved it! We all went to bed quite early.

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