Chilling on the beach

Today we were woken by Emma’s granddads loud voice, it was very irritating to wake up to. Emma climbed out of bed in a bad mood but as soon as she saw her granddads face all her irritation just evaporated, she couldn’t stayed annoyed at him for long, even for a second! After Emma got up all her family went out so we decided to go down to the beach for a bit. We went straight into the sea but the waves were pretty big and Emma kept getting pushed under the water by the force of them. Joe stayed out in the sea for ages jumping over and diving under the waves, trying to get a good one to body surf. Emma laid up on the beach trying to get a tan. After a while we both started getting hot and the thought of rubbing suntan cream in whilst being covered with sand was horrible so we got up and walked back to the pool. We stayed here for the whole afternoon, messing around in the pool. Emma was floating on the surface and Joe was pushing her by the feet through the water. We must’ve looked like big kids, giggling away!
Joe started getting hungry so he went up to the apartment whilst Emma stayed down by the pool reading. When we were both up in the apartment Emma’s family got back, they’d been to Byron Bay for the day. They’d also bought pie and chips for dinner so we ate this and relaxed with a beer in front of the telly.

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