Mount Warning (dun dun duuuuuun)

We didn’t get up until late today but we both decided we wanted to do something different. As beautiful as the beach is on the Gold Coast there’s only so many wonderful beaches that you can see before they all blend into one. We decided to drive inland towards the mountains. First of all we drove to Mount Warning. This took about an hour to get to and as we were driving up we had to keep trying to pop our ears! When we got there and saw that it was an 8 kilometre walk/climb to the peak we decided against getting to the top. Mount Warning is surrounded by tropical rainforest so we stayed here for a while, all the time with Emma (the sad cow) admiring the trees. It was still early so we drove for another hour, Emma was the worst passenger ever although Joe speeding around all the bendy mountain roads was making her feel sick! We stopped at a little shack in a village called Chillingham and got some organic juice and had a smoke. The village was really weird, it felt as though we’d stepped back in time to about 50 years ago! We carried on driving and saw some signs to a place called Natural Bridge so we thought we’d check this out. When we got there it was only a short walk down to this cave where one of the largest colonies of glow worms live. The most spectacular thing about this place was that the river above had eroded a hole in the cave roof so there was a waterfall flowing into it. We didn’t see any glow worms as it was still too light out, there was plenty of bats there though. It was around 4.30 now so we thought we’d better head back to the apartment. When we got back Granddad said he would like to take us all out for dinner to a place just behind the hotel called Fishermans Cove. We all got ready and took a wander round there. Granddad managed to blag us some free garlic bread too! We sat down and got a bottle of wine and some beers. We were choosing from a set price menu so Emma went for the Calamari and then chicken for main and Joe got the Fish Chowder and Grilled Snapper. The Calamari was very good but Joe didn’t enjoy the chowder. The food overall was ‘okay’ but the wine and the atmosphere made up for it! After this we went back to the apartment for another drink and then went to sleep.

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