Curry night

We both felt quite pleased with our workouts yesterday so we both headed back down to the gym again and then met up with Emma’s family by the pool sunbathing. Joe’s actually really brown, his arms are even browner then Emma’s! (and she hasn’t let him get burnt once!)In the afternoon we popped to the supermarket as Emma promised Rob and Karl she’d make a curry. Emma’s Nan and even her Granddad quite a bit are the most fussiest eaters you’ll meet so we decided to make them bangers and mash. Emma started cooking early and spent a couple of hours making the curry with poppadoms and garlic naan bread (except Joe, trying to help, ended up burning the naan!). Everyone was starving by the time dinner came and to Emma’s shock her grandparents even tried the curry. We had also bought a couple of bottles of rosé so Rob and Karl joined us in getting pretty drunk (whilst listening to Emma’s Nan complaining about how much we were smoking!). We collapsed in bed at about 11 and went straight to sleep

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