Family Barbecue

Today we were having an impromptu barbeque with Karl’s family. Emma was a little hung-over from the night before so she didn’t end up getting up until about 11. Joe woke up early and went straight down to the internet café. Soon after Emma got up Karl’s cousin Scott, Coleen (Scott’s wife) and their kids Matthew and Daniel came over. They’d brought plenty of food and Rob and Karl had been out the night before and got loads so we knew we were going to have plenty to eat. First though we all went down to the pool for a dip, it was pretty windy so once you got in you didn’t really want to get out for a while. Karl had found a ball so we chucked that between us for a while and then jumped in the Jacuzzi to warm up. After getting changed Freda, Alan, Betty and Charles arrived so we all went down to the barbecue area. There was a lot of food to be taken down and it took about five people to get all the food down. It took Joe, Karl and Scott to turn on the barbeque and they then put all the meat on. The barbeque was full of burgers, sausages, mushrooms the lot. Joe and Daniel had gone off to reception and got four tennis racquets plus some tennis balls to play in the courts that were next to the barbeque. Nan, Joe, Matthew and Daniel all went over and started hitting some balls about. Emma then had a brief go and decided that she would leave it to people who had good hand to eye co-ordination. When the barbeque was ready everyone went over and sat at the big table that was next to it. Everybody ate a feast with a lot of food still left over, we were both asked a lot of questions about where we were going and what we had done already while in Australia. We told everyone one that we were planning on going to the Whitsunday islands and then onto Sydney for Christmas and new-year. Everybody chatted and ate. There was lots of beer to be drunk as Scott had brought two cartons of Carlton that he was given from work (Scott works for Carlton and is given a carton a week) so everyone was drinking. Joe went back onto the tennis courts with Daniel and they were soon joined with various other people that came and went, the balls did fly off and over the fence a couple of times and trips to the car park next door were pretty frequent . When the sun stated to go down everybody said goodbye and we all went upstairs. We carried on having a couple more drinks before we all went off to bed.

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