Landing on earth

This morning we were up at 6.30 to a beautiful sunny day. We were pretty convinced that the skydive would be on this morning but gave the people a call at 7.30 to make sure. It was on so we went down to the car with Rob and Karl and drove to the next bay along, Kirra Beach. This is where we would be landing and where Rob and ‘Karl would be waiting for us. We headed into the skydive centre and got kitted out in our jumpsuits and harnesses. We paid the whopping $325 each and then an extra $115 for Joe to have a video. We also met our instructors and they were both quite nice. They briefly explained to us what we would need to do and then we set off in the minibus to the airport, luckily Rob and karl managed to squish in and come with us. When we arrived at the airport we were both very surprised to see the size of the plane. It was very small and we realised that it would only be us going up to skydive on this flight. We were each told to sit on the edge of the plane at the open door and put our feet on the wheel, this is what we would need to do at 12,000 feet! Emma decided that it should be Joe going out first (she was worried that she’d go and then he’d chicken out!) so Emma and her instructor climbed into the plane first, then Joe and his instructor. The flight up felt like ages and when we got to 12,000 feet we could look at the ground through the broken wispy clouds. It was really amazing to be up in the clouds and seeing the beautiful turquoise ocean below. Then the door was opened and the gush of wind and the noise topped off Joe’s fear! It was time for him to jump and the look on his face was of pure fear! You could almost hear he’s brain yelling ‘No No No’! Then he got into position with his legs outside the plain and his goggles on. He was still holding onto a bar inside the plane and it was very funny watching his instructor prizing his hand away. Then he was gone, falling at 200km/h towards the earth. At 6,000feet the parachute was opened and you get a sudden jolt. At this point your harness seems to tighten as you are hanging from your instructor. As the guy went to loosen Joe’s harness Joe freaked out slightly but the instructor assured him it was okay! In the meantime Emma followed Joe out of the plane although the instructor seemed to hover at the door for ages. When we were both parachuting our instructors handed over the controls and Emma was pulling hard on the left and right things to spin the parachute, Joe was still buzzing from his fear and would only gently pull the cords. The view from up there was amazing, you could see the whole Gold Coast and Surfers paradise from up there and flying over the sea was pretty cool. Soon enough it was time to land and all we had to do was lift our legs and we softly landed in the sand. As Emma come in to land she was heading straight for Karl and he had to run out of the way! When we landed and met up Joe looked so relieved, Emma was just buzzing. When we got back to the office Emma was shocked but very happy as Rob and Karl had bought Emma her jump DVD.
When we got back to the apartment we quickly got changed and went down to the pool (after showing Emma‘s grandparents the jump videos). It was a scorching day so we spent the afternoon jumping in and then out of the pool trying to top up our tans! At about 4 Rob suggested getting some vodka for tonight and ran off to the shops. We spent the night sitting on the balcony drinking vodka and coke, we all got a little drunk except Nan and Granddad.

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