All you can eat..ohohhh

We were woken by Rob and Karl at 10.30 as they were going to the golf club for an all you can eat lunch. Emma was having her worst hangover ever and said that she wouldn’t be coming but Joe couldn’t resist and went off with Rob and Karl to meet ‘the oldies’ for Betty’s birthday lunch.
There was a lot of different things at the buffet from roasted meat to Chinese food and Joe ended up having about five plates worth and about four helpings of desert!! Think Karl may have beaten him but only slightly.
After the food everyone went and had a go on the pokies, Joe won ten dollars but ended up betting it all again. But Frieda (Karl’s mum) ended up winning $100 and all because the machine she was on got stuck so she decided to put a dollar in the machine next to her while she waited for it to be fixed.
When Joe got back to the apartment Emma was still in bed, he crawled in and we watched a movie while he digested his afternoons worth of eating.
In the evening Emma started to improve and was feeling hungry, as everyone else had eaten a big lunch no one felt like eating so Joe, being the perfect boyfriend, ran down to MacDonald’s and got Emma a double cheese burger.
We all just chilled out watching tv for the rest of the evening.

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