Hungry Jacks challenge

Today when we woke up the market was back along the beach front. So we quickly got ready and dragged Emma’s grandparents along too. Emma’s Nan is very funny and likes to have a set of earrings and necklace to match every top. Considering she had bought quite a few tops lately she was fluttering her eye’s at Granddad for a purple set. It didn’t take her too long to find one but we both found it really funny when she said to Granddad ten minutes later ‘you know what wound make me really happy, a green set.’ Emma was looking out for some presents for her brother and sisters and managed to grab a few pieces. She also found the Hare Krishna’s amusing and wanted to join in their dancing and chanting. When we got back to the apartment Karl had already made his legendary fry up and we sat down to eat. We then thought that we had better pack as we had to get a train at 10.30 the next day to get to Brisbane. Shortly after we had finished Scott, Coleen and Daniel came round to say their farewells. We went down to the pool and had a go at chucking a tennis ball between us but as per usual Emma didn’t manage to catch one ball. Emma went to sit in the sauna with Karl and Daniel while Joe sat in the hot tub with Rob, Coleen, Granddad and Scott. In the evening after Scott, Coleen and Daniel had left Karl said that it would be the last time that he and Joe would be able to do the Hungry Jacks challenge as we would be leaving the next morning. The Hungry Jacks challenge was to eat three Aussie burgers in one sitting but they decided that they would only go for two (still both being pigs in Emma’s opinion). We had a couple of beers and watched some tv before getting an early night.

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