Almost time to go…..

I am sitting in my front room on Easter Monday as i type this. I don’t really know what has implelled me to start writing, especially as i dont leave for over 5 weeks, but i thought if i am going to write a blog while i am travelling then now is as good a time to start as any.

As is have no idea who is going to end up reading this (most likley it will just be something for me to look back on in a few years in order to smile fondly about how i spent my so called youth when i am once again back in the 9-5 grind) i thought i would outline my trip. So here it goes:

I fly out to Bangkok on 22 May and land in the afternoon of the 23rd. Only staying there for one night as i have a flight booked to Krabi the following morning. Going to head to Krabit town, railay, ko phi phi, ko yai nai and then over to ko pan nang for the FMP before doing a scuba diving course on Ko Tao. That is pretty much where my plans stop. All i know is that i fly out to Hong Kong on 30 September and that i would like to travel through Cambodia, Vietnam, Yunnan province of China and Laos. Spend a week in Hong Kong before flying in to Tokyo on October 7th. I have 28 weeks in Japan, 1 monthish in Oz, 2 months in NZ, 2 weeks in Fiji and 1 week in toronto before heading back around March/April 2010.

Its funny because it still seems so unreal at the moment. It really hasn’t struck me that i am going to be doing this, on my own none the less. Anyone that knows me will tell you i am really not the independant type. I have never been camping and never gone on a train/bus by myself for more than about 30 mins away from my house. The thing is that i have been thinking about this trip for about 2 years now and been actually planning it for about 6 months. In some ways i am just so nervous and know that i am making a stupid decision. I mean i have a fairly decent job and more than enough cash to put a deposit down on my own flat or house. The more and more i think though i start to realise that i really don’t want that. Not just now but ever. Looking at some of the people i went to school with who have now got married with a few kids, i am starting to see that as hell. I really don’t want to settle down in the same town i have spent my whole life in, in fact i am really becomming disenchanted with this whole country. I keep having visions of becomming a strange hermit living on a island somewhere in the pacific, spending my days fishing and walking through the forests. The worryng thing is the mor ei think about it the more fun it sounds.

Anyway, getting back on track here, i really want this trip to be the first of many. I know it sounds sooooo corny but i really want to use this trip to discover a bit more about myself. Put my self in situations and places i would never normally be in, meet people who i would never normally chat to. Most of all i don’t want to come back as exactly the same person who leaves and jsut settle back in to life as if nothing has changed. I have always loved the idea of Japan and would love to go there to teach english. I think i will look at my time there as a bit of a scouting trip to see whether or not i could see myself living there.

Anyway (for anyone who has been bored enough to read through this) i would just like to say that overall i am really excited. Looking out my window i can’t help but imagine where i will be in a few months time, what i will be seeing out of whatever window i am looking out at the time. I think that this exploration in to the unknwn is the thing that both excites and scares me the most but hey, you only live once so why not make the most of it.

Hopefully the next time i write there will be more structure to it rather than just throwing out random thoughts on the page.

Until then take care.


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