How Plans Can Change

How Plans Can Change

I love travelling. There’s no other way of putting it. I love the way things turn out when you least suspect them to and how sometimes not following a plan is the best plan you can make!

I’ve just been travelling around Thailand with one of my best friends Jane. We started off in Bangkok, went to Chang Mai (a shopaholics paradise!) and Pai in the north for a week and then partied on the beaches in the south (one of the best thing’s ever!) I think Koh Tao was my favourite as there’s this one little community on Sariee Beach and everyone gets to know each other in a day.

When we were partying one night we bumped into a couple of friends from back home. We were so shocked! We didn’t even know they were travelling at the moment and I love how random it can be. We spent a few days catching up with them on Koh Tao while they did their PADI dive course.

One night over dinner we spoke about our travelling plans and Mia and Lisa said that they were about to go to Malaysia and that we should go with them. At first Jane and I didn’t know what to say. Then we thought about it for like two seconds and said “we’d love to go to Malaysia with you!!!” and all of a sudden two became four!

Jane and I were planning on going to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos but as we didn’t have anything booked so we thought why not!

The four of us travelled from southern Thailand to Langkawi, an island in Malaysia, and it’s been bliss. We’ve sat on the beach every day, been to one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen and even taken a cable car to the top of a mountain (it was actually more like a big hill).

What I love about travelling is how plans can change. We didn’t expect to bump into Mia and Lisa and we certainly didn’t expect to go to Malaysia, yet here we are! It’s great travelling in a group of four girls as well; we have so much fun!

I guess it just goes to show, it’s better to go with the flow than following a plan. You never know what’ll happen!

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