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https://idanamedi.club At one point in Dabangg 3, Chulbul Pandey says – hum class aur mass dono ke liye kaam karte hain. This statement was true for the primary instalment of the film which introduced us to the irreverent, rule-breaking, rogue cop Chulbul Pandey. Chulbul was the kind of enforcement officer who pauses mid-fight to understand a nasty guy’s caller tune. He also famously declares – hum tum mein itne chhed kar denge ki confuse ho jaaoge ki saans kahaan se lein aur paadein kahaan se. Chulbul, who combined wit with swag, was an absolute delight. But because the franchise has moved forward, the fun has leaked out of it like air from a balloon. Dabangg 3 may be a joyless, exhausting ode to the superstardom of Salman Khan. It’s a masala movie with little spice in it. As Chulbul, Salman Khan dominates every frame of this film. He’s also co-produced and co-written it. Salman had earlier written the largely unwatchable Chandra Mukhi and Veer so you’ve got some idea of how this one pans out. Dabangg 3 is about up as an origin story – we discover how Chulbul, whose original name is Dhakad, became Chulbul. this suggests we get a de-aged Salman romancing debutant Saiee Manjrekar whose character Khushi hasn’t turned 18 yet. Khushi may be a champion player who dreams of being a doctor. But she agrees to marry the jobless Dhakad. Dhakad is so progressive that he wants to marry only Khushi has completed her studies. Dabangg 3 tries strenuously to urge on the bandwagon of girls empowerment. So Dhakad smilingly tells Khushi that he’ll be fine if she decides to stay her own surname. In another scene, Dhakad, now Chulbul married to Rajjo describes himself as a patni vrata pati. Chulbul is even shown putting a drawstring in his wife’s petticoat. But it’s all hypocrisy , because the feminine characters are written as docile and ornamental . They’re good for singing songs and being kidnapped by the villain. in several scenes, both find yourself tied and hanging in mid-air. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen this during a movie since the 80s. Dabangg 3 may be a film that worships its hero. He swaggers, throws punches in movie , gives lessons on courage and responsibility to the overall public and, of course, pulverizes everything that gets in his way. whenever his fist or foot connects with a nasty guy’s body, the background score goes ballistic with crunching sounds. In one bit, when he arrives, the background music helpfully declares: Bad Ass. There’s even a meta-reference to Salman within the song Munna Badnaam Hua – the film’s director Prabhu Deva enters the frame wearing Salman’s trademark blue bracelet and therefore the song goes: Dil tere naam hua darling tere liye Salman Khan hua darling tere liye. But here’s what I don’t get – when such a lot time, talent and money is being expended to showcase the superstar, why not also provide him with a script? You see flashes of the fun and cheekiness that made Chulbul so entertaining within the first film, but mostly, Dabangg 3 may be a checklist of fight, song, family scene strung together in no particular order. Sonakshi Sinha purses her lips and wears colorful saris. Saiee does even less. the foremost effort comes from Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep who plays the baddie Bali Singh. Sudeep gives Bali a pleasant poetic villainy. He’s a murderous psycho who wears beautiful scarves even when he’s heading for a showdown with Chulbul. I liked that. once you step into Dabangg 3, you recognize you’re certain a Salman Khan extravaganza. which might be fine if there was some plan to tweak the formula or push it into a replacement direction. But sadly, the manufacturers seem content to deliver exactly another dose of an equivalent . But it’s been 9 years. Even the mighty Chulbul needs an upgrade.







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