The Spas in Budapest

I’ve just been to one of the spas in Budapest, my third one this trip. They’re such a big thing here so I thought I’d look into why people love them so much, and to let you know a bit more about why you should given them a go if you manage to come to Budapest ever.

Known as the “city of spas”, Budapest has nearly 50 spas, baths and pools dedicated to therapeutic and recreational purposes.

The baths of Budapest have a long history, stretching back to Roman times and being popularized by the Turks, who started building them in 1565. Hungarians are great believers in the medicinal powers of thermal bathing, visiting regularly these spas and baths. But even if you are not in need of the health benefits, no doubt these spas and its services will give you the relaxing touch you need when in the city.

At the moment, the most popular spas in Budapest are Rudas Baths, Király Baths, Lukács Baths, Széchenyi Baths and Géllert Baths. Whichever you decide to visit, they will follow a similar procedure. Just don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, a towel, shower gel and a cap in case you plan to swim in one of the swimming pools.

For decades, the Turkish baths were men-only but today they may have separate days for men and women, or mixed days with both men and women, so take this into account depending on the sex of your partner. Also be aware that on men-only days the Turkish baths attract many gay people so don’t be surprised if somebody sits to close to you. Or if you are gay and travelling solo you know where to meet new people.

On single-sex days you will be given a tiny cloth you’ll have to tie around your body. You’ll probably feel a bit weird but think that everybody will be wearing it too. On mixed days visitors have to wear swimsuit.

When entering one of the Budapest thermal baths you get a proxy watch that will let you through the turnstile at the entrance, as well as locks and opens the locker or cabin you will use to keep your belongings in it.

Baths usually have two main pools and several smaller ones containing different temperature waters, going from hot to cold. With a standard ticket you will be able to have a bath for about 1,5 or 2 hours. But if you prefer it you can add other amenities to your visit, including a wide range of different massages, beauty treatments, mudpacks, etc., that will leave you and your partner in heaven.

After the massage you can have a nap in the rest room to regain strength before changing back into your clothes, as the whole ritual will leave you quite weak. That day don’t plan any major activity around the city and finish your day having a romantic dinner in a good restaurant or relaxing in a café. Save energies for once you arrive at your place, because you will probably need them!

Budapest Baths also held once a year the Night of Budapest Spas, in which each of the five baths entertains its guests with various special programs, including music parties or movies. This year’s was held on March, but if you have the chance don’t miss next year’s. If you liked the idea of a sexy weekend in a spa you just have to find the right accommodation in Budapest and enjoy it!

I hope you liked that! I’m going to try and blog more about my journey through Eastern Europe as I’m really loving it! 

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