Kenya vs. England – Why I’m not coming home…

I’ve been living in Mombasa, Kenya for over one month now as a volunteer teacher and I’m head over heels in love with the place. I’m having a holiday romance with a country.

This is dangerous.

I don’t miss anything from England. Sorry, not even you. If we put England and Kenya in a boxing ring, Kenya would kick England’s ass into next week.

Ding ding! Round one:

The weather:
In the month that I’ve been here, it has rained for ten minutes. Ten minutes. When leaving my apartment, I don’t have to think ‘umbrella? coat? gloves? welly boots?’ I can throw on a dress, sunglasses, flips flops and I’m good to go. Hassle free. Right now I’m sat in the sun on the roof of my apartment soaking up the sun like a solar panel.

England 0 : 1 Kenya

The people:
Is it me or have we forgotten how to talk to people in England? We’re so anti-social that it’s embarassing! here you have conversations with EVERYONE, whether you like it or not. Everywhere you go in Kenya people ask each other how they are, what the news is, how their families are (even if they are complete strangers) and where they are going. In England we have self-services tills, automated phone calls, Oyster cards… we have created our own bubbles which means you could go an entire day without talking to anyone! I’m a talker, so I fit in perfectly here… plus I’m making new friends every day!

England 0 : 1 Kenya

The transport:
Yes, yes we have a wonderful tube service that will cart you across London in minutes and a railway network to match other countries… but do we have matatu minivans that pump out music, cost 15p per journey where you bang on the roof when you want it to stop?? Do we have three wheeled tuk-tuks that have engines so loud that conversation is impossible? Transport is totally chaotic but in an organised way… plus it’s so much more fun and dirt cheap!

England 0 : 1 Kenya

Sorry England, but until Kenya starts farting in bed or leaving the toilet seat up, I’m staying for a while longer to continue this love affair…

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