Charity Hitch to Morroco!

Well I’ve been a member of for a while now and it was of use to me throughout my gap year (During which I went to France for a while (all explained on my main profile page) ) and the site continues to inspire future travelling plans, taunting me cruely as I slog (well “slog”‘s abit strong) away at Uni, dreaming of snowy mountains and sandy beaches. My next trip is coming up soon though, Me and Allan, my friend from Uni, are doing a hitch-hike in the Easter hols, starting off in Newcastle and ending up in Morrocco! I can’t wait! but there’s always the money issue 🙁 and whilst scrounging free lifts and living in hostels doesn’t sound exactly pricey there’s the small matter of the 300 pounds we need to raise for a charity called link ( who run the event, which hundreds of students from Uni’s across Britain take part in. My mum’s not exactly keen on the idea (which is kinda hypocritical since she and her FEMALE mate hitchhiked through Europe for 4 months when she was my age!!!) But hitch-hiking has always been this sort of “if only I could…” dream in my mind when I’ve thought of travelling. From Reading books like “on the road” to meeting some dutch artists in Paris who were on their whirl-wind tour hitch hiking through Europe, and this is probably the only time that I’m ever going to be able to do it without people going “oooo watch u don’t get murderd” etc as I’m going with a guy and we’re doing it as part of a charity event which the British/French/Spanish/Morrocan embassies are aware of. Also link run a tracking system where u phone up every day and say where u are and they record ure location on a sort of “tracking map” that ure family and friends can access. So yeah people are still saying “watch u don’t get murdered” and my mums still giving me the horror stories about all the rapes and murders she’s heard have happend to young travellers but I’m really looking forward to it and provided we both take care I’m not really that nervous at the moment.
We’re planning on spending sometime in Morrocco once we get there, a country I’ve been in for all of one-day earlier this year! as my mum (yes the same mum thats having an eppy about me goin there) fancied going on one of the day-trips over there when we were in spain on holiday. After that I’m going skiing for a week in Austria with the family which I’m seriously excited about too as I learnt to ski during my gap year and havn’t really had the chance to get back on Mary-Kate and Ashley…that’s the name of my ski’s btw…since starting Uni (wanted to go on the uni ski trip but didn’t know anyone that was goin and it was too expensive 🙁 ) So yeah Easter shall be full of fun!! Where else am I planning to go?…Oh yeah I’ve pretty much decided that this Summer I’m going back home to Glasgow and along with learning to drive I’m going to get a job and work my arse to the bone saving so as I can go travelling in summer 2009. I really fancy going to the states ideally New-York, New Orleans, Las Vegas, California and Seattle. I love my jazz music so New Orleans would be ace to visit. There was a really cool Jazz scene when I was in Paris which I wasn’t aware of before hand so that was cool.
And speaking of France, that is probably the country I want to get to know the most-I’m studying french as part of my degree and get to do a year there in my third year which should be awesome! I love the culture,langauge,food…everything!! and I love how the country’s right on our doorstep! and u have stunning beaches/vineyards/world class mountains/world class cuisine/wine/history/literature…It’s all in france!

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