The generous geordies!

Ok well tonight me and Allan went to our two local pubs and asked for donations for our hitch. The response was brilliant, considering we only went to two pubs and one of them was really empty, and we made £32 between us.One sweet old lady even came running out of the pub after us going “you forgot me!” and gave us a fiver!! I’ve had a few online donations too but none of my close family or friends have sponserd me yet!! I’m going back up to Glasgow next weekend though and will see most of them then so will be pulling at their purse-strings! Also plan on doing a similar thing up there and going round my local pubs, though I suspect the glasweigan trate of being tight bastards will hinder me slightly. Other fundraising plans include going round my estate knocking on doors,going round my halls of residence, going to my old school asking round the teachers (really dreading that one!) and doing a bake-sale at my halls. Hopefully should raise the 300 quid before I leave!
In other news, I have a house!! Well i don’t own it or anything but me and 5 other girls from Uni have found a house to rent for next year!!! So excited!! the rooms are really nice and it has an ace livingroom. Its in a really good location close to shops,metro and walk from uni but the best thing about it is….it’s only £55 per week! bargain!
Will probably only live there for the year though because after 2nd year i’m doing a year abroad as part of my french course which i really cannot wait for.

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