Well I’m now in my final semester of 1st year Uni and looking forward to summer. Skiing and The hitch-hike to Morocco was amazing we ended up travelling down the west of France through Nantes,Rennes,Bordeaux,Toulouse,Bayonne then across the border into Spain, spent a few hours in Irun then on to Madrid where I met my spanish friend Patricia and stayed in a really nice hotel (for really cheap!!) also it was my birthday so we went to a local tapas bar. We camped near a service station in Granada then got lifts to Fengerola and Marbella. Our last lift was so scary, the two guys were so dodgey and stuff they were askin us was wierd like “do u have insurance? what if somethin happens to u?” they dropped us off but were kinda following us about for a while and we ended up hiding in this cafe and watched them goin past the window a couple times…scary shit! They had a wee dog that they’d just picked up in Granada and it sounded like they just drifted about Spain together doin dodgey deals.

Morocco was fantastic my favourite part had to be the cascades d’ouzoud. It was like paradise!! I always had this idea in my head that Morocco was this arid, dry, deserty place but if u go up to the mountains it’s incredible! It’s so lush and green and they have these amazing waterfalls, and monkeys who are really tame, and these little raft-like boats decorated with flowers that took you across this stream that donkeys were drinking from. I might try uploading a picture where u can see a rainbow coming though the waterfalls.
When we were there we were talking to this young couple who were staying there camping for a week and I kinda wanna go back and do the same. You live alongside berbers and swim in natural pools! amazing!

I don’t have any travel plans for the summer oddly. For once I kinda wanna stay in one place for a while, which is really unlike me. I’m going back up to Glasgow, getting a job and learning to drive. Going to Rockness with a bunch of mates and going away for a week to Marbella with my family but no grand plans of adventure. I suppose partly it’s because if I get a job I can’t really ask for tons of time off and I really wanna earn some cash for future travels and also I’ll prob be travelling Summer 2009 then doing my year abroad in France so I kinda have something in the pipeline to look forward to.

Moving in to my new house in Newcastle on 1st July!!! Cannot wait! I like halls but having a house will be immense.

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