Summertime and the living is easy…

…too easy in fact. I’m slobbing round the house with no money and nothing to do. I am offically bored shitless. I’ve got a job in a bar in town which is good craic but they STILL haven’t paid me even tho I’ve been workin there for a month now and they’re only giving me Friday and Saturday nights. So my plan to spend the summer working my arse off and saving loads of money for travelling next summer isn’t really happening.

I’ve got my house now though! which is great news! Heading down tommorow for a few days to move more stuff in and hang out with a couple of mates. And at the end of the month I’ve got work experience at the Edinburgh Festival, Which should be great! When I come back from that I’m away with my family to Marbella for 10 days then I’ve got a month and a half untill I’m back at Uni to start my second year, which I’m really looking forward to even though I know It’ll be hard work.

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