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British council placement

Updated 8 years, 7 months ago

Hello all,

As part of my degree I applied to teach english in france and tonight I found out I've been allocated to the acadamie (educational region) of Grenoble for my 7 month british council placement!

I'd already sort of guessed that that's where I might be going as they try to post you to somewhere which matches your interests. I had talked about skiing on my application and ticked the preference to be posted to a large town or city (didn't want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere) and Grenoble is the largest city in the french alps (as far as I'm aware). Also I got allocated primary 7 kids (aged 10-11) which is a great age group!

I don't know a lot about the city but it seems quite nice and I'm chuffed I'll get to do loads of skiing. Very glad I didn't end up somewhere like Normandy or somewhere where it's basically just like Britain with a french accent. I'm sure there's lovely area's in the north of France, but I haven't heard of any!

So at the moment I'm doing my second year exams. I need to pass these in order to go on my placement so the pressure's on. I've had one so far which went okay but I have one on Friday which I'm not prepared for and one on Saturday which I think I'm prepared for but it's quite a hard subject. Then my final one is next Tuesday-French Grammar-total bitch of an exam which I think I may have to resit in August.

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