Loving life in Fiji

The past few days have been great. I have been able to snorkel out on Korolevu island, an island about 5 minute boat ride from Garden Island Resort which is surrounded by coral. Having only snorkeled lakes, this is a great change in scenery! 

I ended up being trapped in a shallow bit surrounded by coral at one point. However interesting and nice it was a little treacherous getting out. So of course being me, I scrape my thigh across all this lovely coral. I’m so accident prone!

The past 2 days have been heaven. Bright sunshine, warm breeze, crystal blue, turquoise water, just wonderful. I was resting in a hammock, just watching the ocean which was feet away from me and looking at the mountains across the Somosomo straight, listening to my mp3 and on came Jack Johnson. It was one of the most peaceful moments of my life.

The flight back to Nadi was on “Fiji time” a term used frequently here for good reason – nothing is on time, it’s on Fiji time. Everything happens when it happens and will show up when it does. For the anal retentive scheduler in me this does not work well, and I am trying to adapt. I have done so pretty well I think but with planes, I still believe they should be somewhat on time. Not in Fiji. Our flight was 2.5 hours late leaving for Nadi. Now hanging out in the airport might sound like fun but picture a structure about 20′ x 20′ with a roof and some benches. That’s it. Tada! Oh, and a scale to put your luggage and you (awfully humbling) to be weighed. Luckily two people that I met this week were on the same flight so we could pass the time together.

Can’t wait to get to the islands! I’m going to try and keep this blog up, just for Fiji, let me know if you have any questions or ideas on how I can make my trip better! 

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