Well Then

So first blog to this trip of mine which is planned for a good year and months now too come but as I’ve had and have no total experience of going away on my own and even this far I’m looking for as much help as possible. Down to earth my plan for this trip is 5-6 months away to the other side (South Asia/Australasia) of world and to see some more interesting places that my town centre. Plan as well is to travel with a mate of mine which has the same interest and also looking to have a gap year to work and travel abroad. We've thought of the idea to go travelling in the past 6 months but only in the last 2 months we have looked and planned more than before and know we know where and what are ideas are were now starting to join and get more information than ever so hopefully in the next month we can say we have a date planned to leave and know or have an idea of are final route. Of what I’ve read looking from just past January you can save up to £200 on saving so the date or month there would suite so much better with us be able to work for a period of months and save up which would bring me to another problem. How much does something like this cost but with a period year and months I’ve got a lot chances to find all these knowledgeable facts about so until my next blog goodbye.

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