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History of China

Wang Li Chen is a series of fortifications that were built in order to defend against raids by northern nomadic tribes. The wall is located in the northern part of China, it has its origins in the city of Shanghai Guan, it crosses the whole North China and ends near the city of Jiayuguan. The length of the entire wall, if it is measured in a straight line, is about 2459 km. Total length, taking into account all its twists, meanders and branches, is  about 5,000 km.
The history of the building of the Great Wall of China began in the 3rd century BC, during the reign of the great Emperor Qin Shi Huang Qin Dynasty. Wall was built to protect the north-western border of China from the raids of nomadic peoples, as the wall was to deter the Chinese from the expansion and transition them to a semi-nomadic life, from the confluence with the barbarians, to promote the consolidation of a unified empire, which until recently consisted of a number of kingdoms.
Emperor Qin Shi Huang began building a wall out of nowhere, had already been built by the rulers of the individual pieces of the walls of the kingdoms that existed before the unification of China. These walls are also built to protect the small kingdoms, these areas are strengthened after the unification of China, combined with new sections and extra walls. The building lasted 10 years. According to ancient sources, every fifth inhabitant of the country was involved. The work was carried out around the clock. Thousands of people wokred very hard, made shuttering, filled a small layer of soil, gravel, chalk and sand, all these builders tamped down, layer after layer. The materials were brought by hand. In places where the wall is not possible to build, for example in the desert – dug trenches, reinforced with a mixture of dry grass and clay. They say the wall is literally on the bones of thousands of dead poor people, but these facts are not confirmed.
Nowadays only some parts are restored and available for tourists. The plot is located in the vicinity of Mount Badaling – the most visited by tourists. The second most popular – section Mutyanyu, which is located 90 kilometers (north of Beijing). It is a picturesque location, it is located in hilly terrain.
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