The Ultimate Resource for Overlanding – Introduction

Over the years, Andy and I have been approached by many people asking us about overlanding… 

The usual questions we get asked by those wanting to do an overland trip include: What is overlanding?

What is overlanding like?

Should I go on an overland trip?

Where should I go overlanding?

Which overland company should I go with?

We realised that there wasn’t really anything out there that answered these questions and certainly not any impartial information, non-sales guff. So we decided to put together a comprehensive guide to overlanding that answered all these questions that we could point people to. Besides, if so many of our family, friends and friends of friends were asking, surely there were loads of other people out there looking for the same information.

Firstly, we should clarify what we mean by overlanding… “Overlanding, as the name suggests, describes undertaking a journey overland. You can overland on a train, in your own vehicle (be it a 4×4, motorcycle, bicycle or unicycle), on your own two feet or in an overland truck with other people.

The essence of overlanding, no matter what your mode of transport, is that the journey is what is important, not the destination.” Taken from It’s NOT a Holiday! The A-Z Guide to Group Travel

In this blog series we cover commercial overlanding – that is, travelling in a purpose built vehicle with an adventure overland company.

Next blog in ‘The Ultimate Resource for Overlanding’ series, Part 1: What is overlanding?

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