Finally decided….

My travelling adventures have not yet begun and are a long way off, 2009 to be precise but thought i’d write this blog cos this blog is the start of what is going to be a torturous 2 years but will hopefully lead to the best experience of my life.

I’ve always wanted to go travelling but the worries and everday norms of life such as starting a career, buying a car, owning my own house being settled etc etc have always prevented me from taking the plunge.

Now those niggling thoughts are to be hopefully become a reality at the end of the day those things are only materials and can be bought and done anytime, whereas camp america and travelling will be a rewarding and challening experience, an achievement that will beat the value of any house car etc.

Now i’ve made the decision just to go for it i now need to get saving which means no more shoes or bags (boo!) for a while but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

I’ve set a target of 6k (never saved that much in my life!) and plan to go travelling after camp to see the sights of the USA!

I’m writing this so it will serve as a reminder not to chicken out of doing it, so i don’t stay in the same position as now but mainly not to end up twenty years down the line saying ‘if only i’d done it’ don’t think i could cope with that so i’ve place the responsibility with my great friend lynn, yes you benais, that if i haven’t left sunny wiingate by summer 2009 she has the permission to beat me up ha ha

I think everyone thinks that i won’t do this cos i have said it so many times and i don’t blame them cos even i started to believe that i wouldn’t go but after a few words with someone who has been there and done it i’m going for it and this time i mean it.

Well that’s it for now i’ll update later on the finances touch wood it will be a plus and not a minus!

Tar for now.

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