First Blog: New, Planning, Dreams & Goals…

Im currently months away from graduating university, in august i will finish and i will be a qualified Registered  Paediatric Nurse.  Most nursing jobs and univerisities and such want you to go straight into a job.  Many nurses i have worked with have said that if you take time out between uni and getting a job it is harder to find a job as they fear youll lose skills.

So basically i wont be able to go travelling as soon as i wanted.  i will have to get a job and work a while first, although this does mean i can save more money! 

I decided to try starting this blog purely to keep my goals somewhere, to keep me motivated towards travelling and preparing for it.  I dont want to get a job and then never go and see the places ive dreamed of visiting.

At the moment ive not made any solid plans and dont plan to at the moment as i really should be getting on with university assessments.  Once im qualified and have a job i get 27 days paid holiday a year, as far im aware, so i will use these to visit different places in europe.  Then hopefully after working a while i can head out further and for longer.

So yeah thats it really, just doing this for myself and to keep me on track, if anyone feels like reading thats great too 🙂

Any tips on planning trips, going, and anything really  would be great!


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