Working away, one day ill get to go!

So i graduated in october and moved from Stirling to Birmingham for a job as a nurse. Im still desperate to travel but i know i need to work for a little while. Ive requested some holidays in march so im waiting to see if i have a week off, and if i get it then im hoping to go somewhere maybe paris or barcelona or somewhere in europe. i have a long list of places i want to go but will just need to do them one by one for now.

i enjoy my job as a nurse i love looking after children but a huge part of me just needs to go away and see the world.  many of my friends say they would like to travel too but they are still studying and they find it harder than i do to save money so i doubt i will have any travel buddies in the near future but that doesnt worry me too much, i think if i really want to go to all these places im going to have to solo travel and im ok with that because i would rather go myself than not go and regret all the opertunities ive missed out on.

so hopefully ill get to go to a few places this year and hopefully my first little trip will be march 🙂

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