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    Spain doesn’t have an agreement for WHV with Australia..Germany does, but I just got the German passport and have allways traveled with the Spanish one.

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    The problem is I’ve got German and Spanish passports, and am not sure whats best to use. And I was planning to be there while applying for the visa, and one of the conditions is that you have to be outside Australia…

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    I’m off on Thursday too.left home today to come to London for two days.where are u going first?

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    When are u traveling? And for how long?
    Can u read spanish? If so:
    I’m starting my route in SA on friday 21st, so we can keep in touch if u want and tell u what u need to know.
    I’ve been trying to work out the route, and after having talked to people form Brazil, Peru, Chile, and investigated a lot, have “decided” to start in Sao Paulo, and in about 3 month go up to the north through the coast of brazil to Santarém, stopping in various cities, then Santarém-Manaus flight or boat (there is no bus), Manaus – Leticia Flight or boat(no bus), Then ecuador, peru, bolivia, Sao Paulo for Christmas, and in about 2 month go down through Argentina to Usuahia, and up through chile to Santiago, where my next flight to NZ is. I know there will be a lot of changes, but that’s the idea if there where no changes!

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    So that’s my final travel list, am I missing anything?…I’m still not convinced about the shoes…really don’t know what I will need…:S
    – Passport (Spanish and German) + 4 copies of each
    – Flight documents with important numbers
    – Insurance documents with important numbers
    – International driving license
    – Yellow fieber certification
    – Passport photos
    – International sim documents
    – UK debit card + important numbers
    – Spanish debit card + important numbers
    – Dads debit card + dads number 🙂 (just in case of an emergency)
    – International student card
    – 200 dollars
    – 50 euros
    – 50 pounds
    – Paracetamol
    – Ibuprofen
    – Stomach medicine
    – Nausea relief medicine
    – Anti-dihaorreas
    – Rehidratation sachets:
    – Inhalator
    – Malaria tablets
    – Contraception
    – Plasters
    – Bandage
    – Spray Antimosquitoes
    – Antistaminics
    1x Triclimate Jacket
    10 x Underwear
    3 x bra
    3 x Vikini
    1 x sarong
    1x Sarong/dress
    1x Cargo pants
    1 x linen pants
    2 x shorts
    1 x flowery dress
    1x black simple night dress
    7x tshirts
    1x Pijama
    2 x boots socks
    – Flip Flops
    – Hicking boots
    – Travel Sandals
    – “Smart” sandals for going out?
    – Tooth brush and past
    – Hair brush
    – Small towel
    – Cotton buds
    – Rasor
    – Travel wash for clothes
    – Suncream
    – Deodorant
    – Soap
    – Shampoo
    – Conditioner
    – Travel cloth line
    – Travel sink plug
    – Female sanitary
    – Make up
    – Moistisurer
    – Dental floss
    – Condoms
    – Cant files
    – Hairbands
    GADGETS and others
    – Photo camera + charger
    – Phone + spanish sim card + international sim card+ charger
    – Compass
    – 8gb Usb stick x 2
    – Ipod
    – Penknife + small torch
    – Sewing kit
    – Ear plugs
    – Travel neck pillow
    – World map
    – Moskitonetz
    – Toilet paper
    – Travel towel
    – Money belt
    – Sunglases
    – Watch with alarm
    – 2 x Padlocks
    – 1 x cable lock
    – Duct tape
    – Safety pins
    – Bin bag
    – Pen and paper
    – Lighter

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    Hi there.
    I would recomend you to go to RTW experts office, and let them explain you. I had an Idea of where to go, but then there are things with the RTW tickets like miles, way of route, places they dont stop or are soo much more expensive..
    I went to the office and spent about 3 hours with Rob Dorling, the advicer that helped me, and a huge map on the wall, and worked it all out. He gave me my time, and went to check prices every time I asked him about stopping in another place, or anything.
    I bought a RTW for 1910 pounds: London – Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile-NZ(Auckland)- Sydney-Singapore, and Mumbai – London.
    We thought about stopping in LA for ex., but then it would be more miles than allowed for the ticket, or NZ wasnt there but he told me it was only 70 extra quid, and I decided not to book anything between Singapore and India because there are so many places to go in SEA that I don’t know yet wich route I’m doing…
    But your route, if It’s possible to do, I think its going to be something like 5.000..?
    I’m doing mine in 12 month, planning 4 or 5 in South America, about 3weeks NZ, about another 3 weeks Aus, about 4 or 5 month to do Fiji, Singapore, Malasya, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam…or whatever I decide to do in SEA, and then about another month or two in India.
    Good luck!

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    Thanks guys.
    Yeah I’ve been reading your guides and all others on the site, they helped me to choose it and I’m also using the packing list. It’s just that I was packing it to moove from UK to Spain (home) the other day, because I’m spending here a month before starting my travels, and I managed to pack a lot on it, and thought I wouldnt need soo much on my travels…and also looks soo big when its fully packed! But I think it will be fine even if it is half empty, so it’s easier to pack it every time and find things!
    I’m more relaxed now 🙂 thanks!

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    I’m glad to see that there are a lot of people here on the same situation!
    I left home in the Canary Islands last september to come and work in the UK for a while. I’ve managed to save a lot of money so I’ve decided to travel for another year arround the world. The thing is, I don’t consider a “coming back”, because going back to the canaries would be ruin my life! (No jobs, no money, no carrer…). So I’ll be travelling without a clue when and where I’ll stop traveling, and what I’m gonna do…and If I don’t find anything on the way, I would end up in London, with no money, no home, no family here, no job, no planns! scaring!!!

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