Help needed from Backpackers! :)

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Help needed from Backpackers! :)

Updated 2 years, 10 months ago

Hello All, !!

I am currently working on my dissertation at Bournemouth University,  I am currently looking at the focus of identifying some life events from experienced backpackers.

I am conducting some research based on your opinion of risk perception. Whether your decision to travel / partake in activities, will effect your decision making process when planning your travels.

I am looking for some opinions as to why students choose to travel or take gap years? what do they gain from the experience? why now and not in later life. 

What are the key motivational factors? 

If you could let me know your thoughts,  it would really be a great help for my research!

Thanks a million!

Leigh Sullivan

Bournemouth University Student

School of Tourism

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