Thailand Visa issues

On my itineray I’m flying into Bangkok and out via Singapore 6 weeks later. STA and Thomas Cook informed me i didn’t need a visa while in Thailand as I wasn’t planning to stay in thailand for more than a month (as we were gonna jump land barriers) and i had an onward ticket. So i believe them as you would….

Yet when I was a work, I read an article in one of those “take a break” style magazines and it told a story of how a family got stuck in Thailand for not getting a visa before departure. Alarm bells ring. 😕

So come home and ring the Thai embassy in London, (well dad, and Darren did) and was told you do need one. !!! This is because we are flying out of singapore and not thailand. The embassy informed us you must fly in and out of Thailand in less than a month to not need one, and that singapore is a different country so isn’t valid under the onward journey section. Very complicated. Anyway so we sort out a visa -well kind of…

You must enter the country 90 days of the issue date, so we cant get it before we go but instead will get in in Sydney when were there.

problem solved!!!
But for anyone that is unsure I would ring the embassy’s. It’s better to pay an extra £20 quid then spent a night with the Thai Police.


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