Fiji -7th -15th march

Bula everyone (that means hello)
Me and Darren are both fine and coming to an end of our stay in Fiji.

When we arrived we landed at 3am and were greeted by our host who gave us both a seashell necklace, she then took us to her office and did the finance bit.

we had to wait till 7am to get a coach to take us to the bay so we could get on the yellow boat (awesome adventures) to Tavewa in the Yasawa Island.

The journey took about 5 hrs but we sailed past all the other islands so was quite enjoyable. We finally arrived at David’s Place and we got off the boat and stepped into a tiny boat with about 4 other guests, which then sailed to the resort.

Once arrived we had lunch and were shown to our bure (a straw hut) there was only 3 guest on the island and with the few extra that arrived that day – by the evening there was only 8 guests!

we paid about 20 quid a day and got 3 meals a day and accomodation. – bargin.

The staff were so friendly and did everything possible to make us feel welcome, they got coconuts for us to drink and showed us how to snorkel and the best places to visit etc.

Each evening we had entertainment – the staff sang to us and we all had to dance the bula dance (macerna style dance) and snake dance. (congo) It was great fun and many laughs.

On thursday we had a lovo night – were they cook the food under the ground on hot rocks – to be honest it was all traditional fijian food and though i tried it i wasn’t that impressed but i still ate loads of things i never would have so i was chuffed with myself.

after the dinner the staff all dressed up in leaves and performed a ritual bula dance – good to watch. However after they finished it started to rain so we were convinced they had done a rain dance!!!

On our last day we hiked up the hill/mountain to see a beautiful hill – however as it had rained the night before it was more like a mud climb!! we were covered in mud and it was more like rock climbing than a lesiurely walk!!! still we did it.

I’d definately recommend David’s place to travellers – however be warned it is very basic!!! but beautiful people and beaches,

on the 12th march we travelled back to Nadi (mainland) this time the journey on the boat was not too good – very choppy and i felt pretty ill and was glad to get off.

Once off we got a free coach to our hostel – nadi bay resort -(mainland) which was heaven compared to what we had lived in – they had hot water and not salt water for their showers!!!

The first day there was a sunday and lots of buses and shops were closed but mc donalds wasn’t!!! so we had to treat ourselves!!!

on the 14th we decided we really wanted to go to SUVA the capital of Fiji, about 4 hrs from where we were. we asked at a travel company and they offered us what we felt was a good deal. so we woke up at 6am on the 14th and waited for the coach, by 8am it wasn’t hear and the staff at nadi bay rang and complained – they had forgot us was there response!!!! so don’t book with ROSIE’S TRAVEL for anyone thinking of travelling.

anway as we were up early a member of staff said if you go by public bus you’ll save loads of money – so we set off and paid about 15 quid for a return trip to suva. the bus ride was an adventure – the bus driver just stops when he is tired and gets off then waits about 20 mins then carries on – very starnge but referred to as FIJI TIME.

so we finally go there and went to visit the suva museum and government buildings and a quick look in shops and time for lunch, before we headed back to Nadi.

It was worth a trip as we wanted to go and do something cultural but it was a long journey for a day – however by going by bus we saved around 40 quid so was a good saving.

Tips for future travellers
be warned of street hagglers they seem friendly but they are conning you to buy stuff or go visit there shops.
also you need to pay airport taxes when you leave so keep cash handy for that.

anyway that’s about it from Fiji, next time we will be in new zealand, so speak soon
Lara xxx

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