Bay of Islands 20th- 22nd March

Hi everyone
I am writing this form ACB in auckland – an amazing hostel – so trendy and cheap too, definetely worth a stay for future travellers.

I am fine and dandy. We have just spent the last few days in the Bay of Islands, Paihia to be exact. We stayed at the Bay Adventurer – nice hostel and even better as we paid for a dorm but it was so quiet the first night we had a 7 bed dorm al to ourselves.

On our first full day there we booked ourselves on Fullers- dolphin adventures. Cost about 40 quid and was so worth the money. For those that don’t know me one of my aims while travelling was to swim with dolphins and i’m pleased to say I completed my adventure.

We boarded the boat about 8am and set off in pursuit for common nose dolphins. After about an hour having seen a shark and penguins, and lovely scenery we came across a few pods of dolphins. We lay on our stomachs at the front of the boat and hung way out to look under the boat – where there was about 3 dolphins swimming with the boat – we were so colse to these wild animals it was fantastic.

Once we were given the all clear we put on snorkels and flippers and dived in the water to find the dolphins. You had to swim like olympic swimmers to try and catch them and all the time we were humming/singing into our snorkels to try get their attention and make them think we wanted to play – we must have looked like right idiots.

Anyway first and second attempt came to no avail – however the 3rd attempt (by which darren and a number others had given up- no stamina) more dolphins appeared and we were swimming with them, they jumped into the air etc and were so close it was amazing. You did see the dolphins more out of the water but swimming was still good. Luckily as darren wasn’t swimming he took loads of photos otherwise i’d have no proof that i was so close to wild dolphins. – an amazing experience!

After we all clambered back on board we were dropped off at Urupukapuka island for the afternoon. The afternoon consisted of sunbathing , climbing up hills to get some scenic photos and eating ice cream. A boat arrived about 3:30 to ick us up and take us back to Paihia. A brill day out.

Darren even bought me an necklace I had had my eyes on as a remberance of the day. – how sweet!

On the 22nd we had a lay in then wandered around Paihia. After buying postcards etc we decided to walk to the Harura Falls. After walking for 2hrs through bush and mungrove trees we saw the waterfalls. This was my first experience of seeing waterfalls and they lived up to there expectations that’s for sure. The walk back another hour to Paihia was the killer – are legs ached but the view was a good one.

So as I said i’m back in auckland and were off on kiwi experience tomorrow. I’ll be in touch soon. Have a great easter everyone.

loads of love

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