SKY DIVING in Taupo 31st march

Hi all
First I’ll fill you in were i left off…

I went to Waitomo Caves for 2 nights and took a guided tour around a limestone cave and then took a pitch black boat tour to see glow worms. Sounds a bit boring but it was good. However 2 nights there was far too long there as apart from visting the cave there was nothing else to do. But still it was kinda cool.

Anyway we left Waitomo and drove to Taupo – the adrenaline capital of the north island. We stopped off at the Hooka Falls – which were fantastic – the water fall was about 8 m drop but the flow of water was huge – fantastic to see. Our driver told us how no one has ever survived travelling through them – so you can imagine how amazing it was to view.

Me and Darren decided we would be active and walk to the bungy site (the meeting point – don’t worry we weren’t jumping) so we walked about 40 mins through the bush -which was really nice actually – fantastic views – but everywhere in new zealand seems to have fantastic sights.

Anyway we met all the rest of the kiwi bus at the bungy site and watched some of our fellow passengers jump!!! rather them than me.

Then today 31st march, me and darren skydived from 12,000ft, with 45 seconds of free fall and then about 3 mins of gliding down. I was peterified, so so scared and nearly wimped out but my guide matt was fantastic and reasurred me all the way.

So me, darren and one other girl sasa got in this tiny plane (it was minute) and took the plunge. I was last to jump which I’m not sure made me feel any easier but it was too late. At first the somersaulting out was so so scary but then you free fall facing the right way and actually enjoy it! The parachute came out fine and we glided down and landed safely. The view once again was beautiful – a blue sky and no rain in sight – you could see for miles. And i have a personal dvd of the whole thing – take off, jump and landing for proof.

We jumped with skydive taupo and it was a bit more than other companies eg freefall, but was worth it as freefall take about 8 people while we just had 3 people. (that is the max skydive taupo take) They were much more personal and the video they made is actually of the jump while loads of the other companies just offer a ground video (eg just your parachuting down not the free fall part) We also arrived and departed in a while limo!! (very hollywood) and watched our dvd’s (which we choose the music etc) on a huge screen while having a beer to celebrate. Our whole package eg dvd, jump and tshirt was just over 120 british pounds – bargain compared to the UK and definatly worth it as you’ll never do it again.

So that’s it from taupo, definatly enough adrenaline rushes for one day!

Lots of love always
Lara xxxx

So any future travellers – do it take the plunge as New Zealand’s say the experience was “sweet as” (eg fab!)

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