13th – 16th April

13th April – drove from Franz Josef to Wanaka. We stopped off at loads of scenic points on this route.

First was Lake Matheson, also known as Mirror lake as the lake is so still it reflects the scenery above it. Loads of postcards in NZ show this photo so we saved our money on the postcard and took our pwn photos. We walked around the whole lake and got some amazing photos once again.

Then we also stopped at Knights point, a lookout point of the coast. A vit different to Portsmouth sea front coast thats for sure. We stopped off in Haast for lunch, a tiny village and also visited Thunder Creek Falls that were not as powerful as the Huka Falls but the drop was meters high so it was worth a quick visit.

We arrived in Wanaka around 3ish after stopping for a photo of lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka. Wanaka is a beautiful little town, the mountains look like they have been superimposed. We spent most of the day chilling in out balcony and en suite dorm with a bath! Also known as the Wanaka Hotel. In the evening we all went out to Red Rock with free drinks vouchers form our kiwi driver Andy.

On the 14th we head off to Queenstown – the adrenaline capital of NZ/the world. We were given leaflets full of adrenaline filled activities form bundy, canyon swing, river boating, horse treks etc. I settled on parasailing (from a bost) and darren was going to do a canyon swing. A bungy jump drop follwed by a 105 metre swing across a canyon (not my cup of tea!!) Para sailing was wicked, the wind is so poweful that the second i was hooked on they told me to sit downand I couldn’t as the wind just sucked me into the air. I was parasailing for around 15 mins and it was very peaceful and i felt safe. Just now and again my heart jumped when the wind dropeed and you dropped down a few meters!! Darren loved the canyon swing – though he said his legs shook before he jumped off the edge!

We also went and watched about half of our bus bungy jump at the original AJ Hackett Bridge. Some of the girls were great to watch as they were so scared and even the guys looked worried too. My stomach turned when some of our mates stood up there to do it and I was safe on the ground. Some of the guys were doing the thrill-ology 3 bungy jumps – mad people!!

On our second day (15TH) we walked up the gondola hill – we thought we would save money but this hill was climbing up rocks again for 45 mins! I was shattered by the top but once again the views were worth it. We decided to jump the gondola (cable car) back down and once back we treated ourselves to Pizza Hut buffet all you can it, including deserts!!

In the evening we met up with the bus and had a bit of a boogy and a few drinks. We went to the World bar and bought teapots. They were cocktails served in teapots with a straw. For future travellers take your passport out as they ID everyone who looks under 25 years old and they don’t acceot driving licenses.

So thats about it from Queenstown, were off to Twizel to walk up Mount Cook tomorrow then on to Christchurch for a few days. We still have a week left but are gonna try fly to Australia a bit early as we feel our time in NZ is coming to an end.

Anyway ill be in touch soon – remeber to keep posting me comments I love recieving them.
xxx 😀

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