17th - 20th April Farewell to NZ

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17th - 20th April Farewell to NZ

Updated 12 years, 9 months ago

I have come to the end of travelling in New Zealand, :cry: but no worries as I'm off to Australia next!! :D

The last few days we have stayed in Twizel (Mount Cook) and Christchurch. We planned to travel up to Mount Cook but we liked the look of Twizel and it was so hot we decided to stay there the night and sunbathe all day! Mount Cook was lovely to look at from Twizel. We stayed at High Country Lodge which was a motel not a backpackers hostel. (Though we would splash out- still cheap though) We had a huge room with TV, fridge, tea and coffee etc so we had a greta evening chilling and watching the sunday night movie Harry Potter!.

On the 18th we travelled to Christchurch. (STAYING IN STONEHURST - BRILL HOSTEL) It reminds me of Covent Graden as there is a big square where street entertainers perform and loads of specialist arty shops. We arranged to meet my firned Claire from home and spet the day together looking around the Arts Centre, Canterbury Museum and Art galleries. We also stopped off at the fudge factory and sampled lots of free sweets! We watched an entertainer who juggled fire, wlaked on broken glass with bare feet and then got a member of the public to stand on his head while his face was in the glass!! (don't try it at home) I was quite impressed so gave him $2 (abount a pound)

In the evening we went to Base bar and Darren entered a pool competition and won! :D He won a free Lord of the Rings 4Wheel Drive day trip. When we asked the value they said $195 (eg 100 pounds) So today he is off on the trip while I enjoy the sun and chill in the park.

I have had a sweet as time in New Zealand and we have had sunshine about 98% of the time here. Next time i post i will be down under in Oz. So from New Zealand adidos!
Lara xxx

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